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1. Use the Java hierarchy you posted in Week 3 (corrected based on any feedback you may have received)

1. Use the Java hierarchy you posted in Week 3 (corrected based on any feedback you may have received) add one overriding method and one overloading. The main method should create an instance of the class and demonstrate the correct functionality of the overriding and overloading methods.

2. Reply to another student’s post. Suggest a different overloading or overriding method. Write the main method to demonstrate the correct functionality of the additions/modifications. As you reply to the other students, try to reply to a post that does not have a reply yet, and if not; try to reply to a post with a fewer number of replies.

Be sure to create a program different from any of the programs already posted by your classmates or the examples in the class materials.

As you answer these questions, use proper Java naming convention (Camel case), name the class, attribute, and method in a meaningful way to represent the business meaning, and add comments to the Java code as applicable.

The deliverables are the Java code and the documentation. The documentation is a single Microsoft Word document, or PDF containing the screenshot of the results obtained by running the code.


The essay/reflection should be substantive enough to demonstrate knowledge and growth during the semester. Please properly cite any sources of information or direct quotes used and add a reference page if necessary.
Pre-Class Reflection: What Do I Know?
Identification of student’s pre-course attitudes and beliefs about human sexuality
What topic(s) are currently uncomfortable to think about and/or discuss?
What information do you hope to gain from this course?
Sexual Counseling theory, research, and practice – Christine Murray, Amber Pope, Ben Willis

Book Review of Always Coca-Cola by Alexandra Chreiteh

1. Use the Java hierarchy you posted in Week 3 (corrected based on any feedback you may have received) Book Review of Always Coca-Cola by Alexandra Chreiteh.

Book Review of Always Coca-Cola by Alexandra Chreiteh 

Paper details MAIN INSTRUCTIONS: BOOK: Always Coca-Cola by Alexandra Chreiteh Paragraph one needs to describe the whole book as a summary and define the main argument of the book. The following paragraph(s) should discuss the overview of all chapters and their connection with each other using evidence(citations) from the book OR discuss each chapter in separate paragraphs with context and content referencing the book. The remaining paragraphs (needs to consist of at least one page) should discuss your pick of one to two arguments made in the book as a final judgment and expand on using evidence from the book. (The judgement must be used based on reason and not opinion) Have a concluding paragraph to briefly summarize the essay. IMPORTANT NOTE: Remember that the first page has to have important information such as title/author/main theme and location (space and time). Then, take me through the text (what is said and HOW). Also mention what TYPE of text it is. Don’t assume that I’ve read it. Remember that it is meant to be read by a scholar (so: good level of analysis, chose your terms correctly and intelligently, etc.) because it’s an ACADEMIC book review. Remember to express ideas (yours and the author’s) clearly. Remember that you’re reading the novel as part of a Middle Eastern History class, and therefore your reading should be framed appropriately according to its themes and questions. GRADING CRITERIA: Book information (2 pts: basic content & historical context) Clear understanding (2) Depth of analysis (2) Proper quotation/references (1) Presentation/Organization of the contents (2) Spelling/grammar/writing (1)

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 Description Have to writte a critical analysis paper on the article Why do people risk their lives for the perfect selfie?

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Ruby Payne Critical Thinking and Communication.

Ruby Payne Critical Thinking and Communication..

 Select one state in the U.S. You will be analyzing it in terms of profile of poverty, factors leading to its poverty, and interventions address/correct/lower/eliminate poverty in the state. Once you have selected your state, you are to research it with the following questions in mind: What are basic facts of your state in terms of poverty? How does your state rank in terms of other states? Higher poverty, lower poverty, average poverty? Area of state where most of those in poverty live? Is poverty fairly evenly distributed across the state? If your state has a high poverty level, why? Analyze the information you find and select the three factors that you find most important. Be sure to support why you chose those three factors. If your state has low rates of poverty, why? As above, analyze the information you find, select the three most important factors and provide support for them. What is the state currently doing to address its poverty issues? Find three things that the state is doing to correct poverty and give one brief fact about each of those elements. Do you think the things being done by your state will work? Why or why not? Support your thinking. Provide research that shows it seems to be working or not working. You can choose something that is going to be implemented. If you do this, tell what the state hopes to see happen. Do you think it will achieve that goal. Tell why or why not. Summarize the work that you have done. Pretend that you must tell someone about your state’s poverty issues in 4 or 5 sentences. What would you tell them? The research that you gather on your state will form the core of your power point document and should be the knowledge base that you use for the communications component of the project. The above questions are to guide the analysis and synthesis you do, but you should be very familiar with the overall condition of poverty in your state, how it is being addressed, and what factors have led them to where they are.Show that you understand your state’s situation. As you do this research, you will need to document your work using appropriate APA formatting. You need a minimum of 3 sources to support your work. These sources should be scholarly/creditable in nature. Examples of scholarly website addresses would be .org, .edu, .gov Wikipedia is NEVER an appropriate source for college work, and it should NOT be used. Blogs are not acceptable sources and should NOT be used. The best resource for APA formatting is, of course, the APA manual. Copies of the manual are available in our library. While there are internet sites that provide very good basic guidelines on formatting, the APA manual itself is only available in hard copy format. You should be formatting your work according to the 6th Edition which is the latest version. Below are three websites that provide excellent formatting help for many common citations: Purdue APA Help Link Cornell Library APA Help Page University of Maryland APA Help Page Citation Generators: (They will do your citations) Citation Machine Easybib (May charge a fee for APA style) If you are not sure if you are about to plagiarize something, here is a link from Turn It In that will give you many of the types of plagiarizing that can bite you. Turn It In Whitepaper This is used by permission from Turn It In You must cite all direct quotes and paraphrased information. In short, if it is not YOUR original idea, you need to cite it. Over citing is better than under citing. Under citing is plagiarizing. For your references cited slide, when you cite in APA style MAKE SURE that you have first line flush to the left margin and all subsequent lines indented one half inch from the left margin.

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Trade Restrictions and Human Rights

Trade Restrictions and Human Rights.

 Description Should Trade Restrictions be Used to Influence Human Rights Issues? POINT: Yes. Some countries do not protect human rights in the same manner as the U.S. At times, the U.S. should threaten to restrict U.S. imports from or investment in a country if it does not correct human rights violations. The U.S. should use its large international trade and investment as leverage to ensure that human rights violations do not occur. Other countries with a history of human rights violations are more likely to honor human rights if their economic conditions are threatened. -Please offer source and opinion on the matter.

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UK Contract Administration and Law II

UK Contract Administration and Law II.

UK Contract Administration and Law II

I have attached a Document ‘Case Study’ where you can find the task and all instructions. I have also attached a document ‘Example’ and ‘ Case Study Example’ – these two documents is the previous assignment and instructions that I had done, which is pretty similar to the new assignment which was given. In the ‘example’ you will find the work that got 50% mark but it has some very good comments which you should use for this work. I have also attached lectures notes, which you should use for this work, it is the ONLY source you should use. Please use for the work ‘Case Study’, not ‘Case Study Example’

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Music Jazz Concert Review

Music Jazz Concert Review.

Be sure to get a program for the concert, if available, as you enter the performance hall. The program will provide useful information–and help stimulate your memory–when you turn your attention to writing your concert review. Do not attempt to take notes during the performance, or between pieces. If you have paper and pen tucked away in a pocket or purse, you can write notes during the intermission (if there is one). Otherwise, wait until the concert is concluded before writing about the concert. The point is not to create any disturbance during the performance itself. After the performance, as soon as you can, write notes about your experience: your recollections, impressions, and thoughts relating to the performance, and your experience attending the performance. You have considerable liberty as to what you write about. We recommend something like this: Your experience of attending the performance can serve as a “frame” for your review. This can most easily be done by writing in “first person.” (We recommend writing in first person, but that is not a requirement.) The performance venue, the people you see, the performance hall–briefly describe these aspects of the experience that take place before the concert itself. The performance–the performers, the instruments, the music–this is the heart of what you are writing about! Select the piece or pieces that most impressed you. Describe the performance and your response to the music. Highlight individual performers, if that was one of the impressive aspects of the concert. Describe as best you can what you hear and how it affects you. Consider, too, whether you recognize any aspects of jazz or jazz style(s) in the music. Has our study thus far allowed you to perceive aspects of the music that you might not have observed before studying? For example, melody, harmony, rhythm, texture, timbre–blue notes, swing rhythms, syncopations, improvisation–are there aspects of these musical elements that stand out for you that you can describe? Finally, reflect on the value of attending a live performance of jazz at such a high level of artistry. Did you enjoy the music? Has the experience changed you in any significant way? Offer a conclusion to your paper that conveys your “take-away” from the experience. One final suggestion: Write in your own “voice,” and be as expressive as you can. Make this an interesting and enjoyable read! After the reader has read your concert review, if the reader wants to be there with you the next time to share the experience, then you have done a superb job!

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In what respects, if any, has sovereignty been undermined in the post-Cold War era? Has this been a positive or negative development?

In what respects, if any, has sovereignty been undermined in the post-Cold War era? Has this been a positive or negative development?.

Module Title: Contested Sovereignty: Jurisdiction and Power in Contemporary International Relations. Question: In what respects, if any, has sovereignty been undermined in the post-Cold War era? Has this been a positive or negative development? When writing this essay, please consider cases like Kosovo and Ukraine and others. Word limit has to be no longer than 3000 words.

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