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1 THEME in 3 POEMS worth 50% of the final grade The final essay is like an article for

1 THEME in 3 POEMS worth 50% of the final grade

The final essay is like an article for a general public reader, and usually about 5 paragraphs long. The student chooses a theme, then finds 3 poems that somehow show that theme. Both the theme and the 3 poems are the student’s choice. ONE poem from outside our class readings is permissible for use in this essay — all other poems should be from the many poems found in the class materials.


-courage -sacrifice -independence

-freedom -faith -death -nature

-love -beauty etc. . . .


-choose a theme that appeals to you or that you saw emerging among the poems we read

-choose 3 poems that work with that theme in some way

-using “proof quotes” explain how the theme is present in all three poems and how each one expresses it; quoting from the poems is powerful proof of your point

-try to weave the 3 together in some way, esp. in the conclusion

The book is ISBN 0-8442-5988-8

project. In the instructions there are 10 questions that need to be answered based on the project ideas. Its basically a project plan.

1.Describe your goals for this memorial. 2.On what design profession(s) are you focusing? (communication design, product design, architecture, urban design, or landscape/environmental design? 3.Describe the background research you conducted to develop this memorial. Include sources. Address the following: A.Precedents: What existing memorials did you research? How did they influence your proposal? B. Statistics (contemporary): How has COVID impacted the underrepresented group for whom you are designing? Include statistics. C.Statistics (historic): How have other historic health crises impacted the underrepresented group for whom you are designing? Include statistics. D. Site Information: Provide background information on your site. Does it have a significant history? How does the location of the site impact your proposal? 5.Your memorial proposal is a critical social act. To that end, what is the social message in the memorial? How are you communicating that message? Why is your message important? 6.Is your memorial temporary or permanent? What led to that decision? 7.Does the community actively participate in the development of your proposal? If so, how? How does your proposal make a positive difference for people living or working near your site? In other words, how is your approach empowering people? 8.What are some other ways of interpreting your memorial proposal? Could it be misinterpreted? If so, how? 9.How do you hope that the memorial impacts your audience? 10.Did you experience any difficulties when developing your proposal? If so, please describe.


1 THEME in 3 POEMS worth 50% of the final grade The final essay is like an article for CITIGROUP AND LIBERTY MUTUAL 2


Citigroup and Liberty Morgan


Institutional Affiliation


The financial industry provides some essential services that support the growth and operations within an n economy. They are the key players in the financial aspect of an organization. This is because they act as the backbone to the economics of that particular company. Examples are banks and other lending business, stock market blocker among many others. Therefore, it is very importantly to note that these are key players in an n economy and therefore deserves to be carefully thought well through.

In this case, two firms to study are both the Citigroup bank and Liberty Mutual. These are firms are already doing well in the industry because they are vivid and robust? A few factors will discuss how the companies want to keep rolling new stuff to keep up with rivals. However, there are a few factors and how they relate with the companies chosen. The two companies mentioned include the Citigroup Bank and Liberty Mutual insurance group. These two organizations are in the financial industry and are going to provide a subject for the study. In order to understand the institutions well, several factors will be discussed in relation to the organizations.

Social/Networking meetings

Every company that is worth following has its story to tell. The story in most times is based on experiences running through people’s brains over the experiences with the company. These two companies use meetings to bond and brainstorm on important company issues. These are the activities that make sure that members working with these two companies are able to meet up for instance, then hang out and build on the interpersonal relationships. Being financial institutions, their industry of operation is a very dynamic one. Therefore, meetings and networking activities help these two companies in ensuring a strong, unified staff base. This in the end translates in to improved output and quality by the staff.

Career services

These organizations are major employers in the financial services list. In the past, banks and insurance companies have stood out as one among many graduates. Citigroup and Liberty Mutual group have continued to support the Career services in very many ways. For instance, they have been active in the development programs whereby they enroll employees to college so as to study specialized things that they probably could not have learned in school. This helps build the employee’s profile and the confidence to face the career.


Training is a very essential element in any organization. This involves equipping individuals with relevant skills in specific fields so as to improve their productivity as well as boosting their morale to confidently face daily work challenges. Citigroup bank and Liberty Mutual insurance company are leaders in this effect as they have programs through which employers are constantly trained on emerging trends in the ever changing financial market. Liberty Mutual insurance ensures that every new employee is assigned a senior to work with so as to learn the company culture and get accustomed to the environment. By doing this, a physical hand on knowledge is impacted on the new employee through hands on training and this makes it easier to understand the system (Tracey, Hinkin, Tran, Emigh, Kingra, Taylor, & Thorek, 2015).

Industry Best Practices

These include activities that are considered lawful or morally correct in the society. These two companies have really tried to maintain high standards of professionalism as well as maintaining the perfect relationship between the companies and their stakeholders. They are both also involved in corporate social responsibility programs that ensure that some of the revenue goes to the community interest projects like camping. This is very successful in ensuring that there is rapport or rather proper communication between the company and the forces around it (Cheng, Ioannou, & Serafeim, 2014).

Regulation updates.

The two organizations are audited and cleared every year by qualified firms so as to ensure efficiency. They extent the same responsibility to the customers buy being willing to offer clients advise on this. Financial experts sit in their offices waiting for their customers to advise them on the object I make possible one. Generally, the company believes that this honesty is essential in business. This makes transacting with them either as an active member or a new contact more comfortable because the fears are sealed (Nussbaum, 2015).


In general, the two companies conform to the company requirements. Despite them being giants in their respective fields, they manage to keep a clean record at their business. This endears them to all the stakeholders and clients hence raking in more business. The efforts put up by the Citibank Group and the Liberty Mutual insurance is very much recognized as the results achieved cannot be ignored.


Cheng, B., Ioannou, I., & Serafeim, G. (2014). Corporate social responsibility and access to finance. Strategic Management Journal, 35(1), 1-23.

Nussbaum, A. (2015). Citigroup, Citing Climate Change, Wil l Reduce Coal Financing. Bloomberg Business, October, 5.

Tracey, J. B., Hinkin, T. R., Tran, T. L. B., Emigh, T., Kingra, M., Taylor, J., & Thorek, D. (2015). A Field Study of New Employee Training Programs Industry Practices and Strategic Insights. Cornell Hospitality Quarterly, 56(4), 345-354.

Police Subculture

Police Subculture.

 If you were a police chief, what would you do to reduce the negative characteristics of police subculture? Be specific. 2 academic references. Asking your analytical thoughts and creativity. APA format. No title page needed.

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Post colonialism Theory and it’s reflections on the writers

Post colonialism Theory and it’s reflections on the writers.

Discuss the post colonialism theory and and its reflections on one of the author and his her works.

2. Discuss modernism in the twentieth century novel with reference to one sepcifc author and his her works. e,g Virginia Woolf.

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ACC 402 Introduction to AIS

The Assignment must be submitted on Blackboard (WORD format only) via allocated folder.
Assignments submitted through email will not be accepted.
Students are advised to make their work clear and well presented, marks may be reduced for poor presentation. This includes filling your information on the cover page.
Students must mention question number clearly in their answer.
Late submission will NOT be accepted.
Avoid plagiarism, the work should be in your own words, copying from students or other resources without proper referencing will result in ZERO marks. No exceptions.
All answers must be typed using Times New Roman (size 12, double-spaced) font. No pictures containing text will be accepted and will be considered plagiarism.
Submissions without this cover page will NOT be accepted.
Assignment Question(s): (Marks 10)
IMPORTANT NOTE: Answer in your own words, DO NOT COPY from slides, fellow student, or internet source without proper citation.
Assignment Question(s):
Q1. What are the advantage and disadvantage of using Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system? (2 marks)
(2 Mark)
Q2. Some individuals argue that accountants should focus on producing financial statements and leave the design and production of managerial reports to information systems specialists. What are the advantages and disadvantages of following this advice? To what extent should accountants be involved in producing reports that include more than just financial measures of performance? Why?
(2 Mark)

Q3. Do you agree that the most effective way to obtain adequate system security is to rely on the integrity of company employees? Why or why not? Does this seem ironic? What should a company do to ensure the integrity of its employees?
(2 Mark)
Q4. What motives do people have for hacking? Why has hacking become so popular in recent years? Do you regard it as a crime? Explain your position.
(2 Mark)
Q5. What is the difference between data and information, and discuss the characteristics of useful information? (2 marks)
(2 Mark)

In sourced network operations

In sourced network operations.

In sourced network operations

What is insource network operations? Present the risk an enterprise can face while in sourcing his network operation. Present all the risk with tangible examples. present the pros and cos of insourcing network operation in the IT department of an enterprise and address how to manage those risk. use facts and recommendations. Do an introduction , body paragraphs,conclusion add an outline of the essay.

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Fight for power;Introduction thesis statement: Throughout Mockingjay,Katniss is in a constant struggle for power with president snow, president coin, and herself. 1st body How does president Snow control Katniss

Fight for power;Introduction thesis statement: Throughout Mockingjay,Katniss is in a constant struggle for power with president snow, president coin, and herself. 1st body How does president Snow control Katniss.

thesis statement: Throughout Mockingjay, Katniss is in a constant struggle for power with president snow, president coin, and herself.

1st body
How does president Snow control Katniss

2nd Body
How does president coin control Katniss

3rd body How does katniss control both president coin and president snow.


sidenotes: please include quotes from the book mockingjay final book, and be able to back it up.

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Value Response

Please only bid if you know how to write a debate!!
There are very specific guidelines that need to be followed.
You will need to have on and off case responses. When you are responding on case you should use the steps of refutation. You are required to respond to at least 5 different points from the affirmative paper. In addition to refuting 5 points on case, you also need to provide at least 1 off case counter contention. Your counter contention should be written in outline format and follow the outline rules covered earlier.
(I will share examples of all)
Maximum of 3 typed pages (no minimum)
Must use at least 5 different pieces of evidence/ sources, please bold each source
You must have at least one structured negative argument (Counter-Contention)
You must respond to at least 5 different points made in the original affirmative paper

Analyzing changes in education

Analyzing changes in education.

Write a 750-1,000-word essay analyzing changes in education. Consider the following: Compare and contrast the three most significant positive and negative changes in education. Discuss the changes/reforms you think still need to be made and defend your choices. How these changes will affect ethical dispositions of educators. Using the GCU Library, locate scholarly articles on changes and/or reforms in education from the last 100 years. Cite and reference 3-5 scholarly articles to support your position. Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required. This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion. You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite.

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