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1. Prepare a term paper pertaining to any policy issue and present competing arguments (pros/cons), as well as your

1. Prepare a term paper pertaining to any policy issue and present competing arguments (pros/cons), as
well as your own opinions, recommended policy improvements, and conclusion regarding the policy
issue. You can focus on any policy issue; such as federalism, civil rights, civil liberties, interest groups,
models of democracy, a court ruling, eminent domain, livable community issues, general plans, laws
and regulations, a government program or project, or other policy issues.

2. . It is
recommended you turn your paper in early. Submit your paper in the online class term paper
assignment section via a Word document or pdf file; or copy and paste your paper in the assignment
comment/text box. Your paper can only be submitted one time.

3. Maximum points possible for the term paper is 100.
4. Term paper format/requirements include the following:
• Paper title with your name, topic/subject title, class name, and date.

• Your term paper must have a minimum of 1,500 words (this would be approximately three pages if
single spaced).
• Be sure to include (label/write down in your paper) and address the following section headings
in your term paper: 1. Introduction, 2. Background Information, 3. Analysis/Competing Arguments
(pro/con), 4. Observations and Recommended Policy Changes, 5. Conclusion, and 6. References
(identify a minimum of two different references [i.e. text book and other books, interview, web site,
newspaper, survey, etc.]). The writing style is your choice. The term paper style is your decision.
The section headings are required.
• The term paper will be assessed and evaluated based on the following: 1. Content – complete-
ness and accuracy of the information presented; 2. Organization – the logic, order, and readability
of the information; 3. Expression – the presence of a personal style and the ability to generate
interest in the information; 4. Usage – the use of writing standards and conventions appropriate to
the occasion (this includes spelling, punctuation, word use, grammar, etc.); and 5. Following
Instructions – such as the minimum word count of 1,500 words, using the paper headings, etc.
For format requirements
Name Eugenio N.
Writer choice- (topic/Subject)
Class Name- American Government and Institutions
Date please use 4/17/22

This is for a junior college course no need to be profound. Please use some simple resources thank you. My opinions in class are on the liberal side of the spectrum.