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1. How important are communication skills in the project management? Was herb the right person to be assigned as the project manager?There were communication issues with Alice, Bob, Betty, and Frank. For each communication issue, where was the breakdown i

1. How important are communication skills in the project management? Was herb the right person to be assigned as the project manager?There were communication issues with Alice, Bob, Betty, and Frank. For each communication issue, where was the breakdown i. Can you help me understand this Computer Science question?

Read the case study “Communication Failures” starting on page 329 and answer the questions on page 332.
Text Book
Author: Harold R. Kerzner Title: Project Management: A Systems Approach to Planning, Scheduling, and Controlling, 11th Edition, ISBN: 9781118022276 Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
All discussions must be completed on-time and must include in-text citations and references in APA style formatting. If you do not use in-text citations or they are not in APA format you will lose points. If you do not have references or if they are not in APA format, you will lose points. (You do not need citations and references for secondary posts)
you are required to write an initial post (300 words) minimum.
1. How important are communication skills in the project management? Was herb the right person to be assigned as the project manager?There were communication issues with Alice, Bob, Betty, and Frank. For each communication issue, where was the breakdown i

“Examined Life”, Cornel West – Summary and Analysis

Table of Contents Introduction Cornel West Peter Singer Judith Butler Introduction “Examined life” is a film that reveals people’s philosophical view of the world. In addition, it tries to apply rationality in lives. This paper will examine three philosophers in the documentary. It will also try to examine interesting, frustrating, agitating, and exciting things about them. Cornel West Cornel West is a professor at Princeton College. The film begins with and ends with him. He is particularly interesting in his viewpoints. He is interviewed on his way to the station by Astra Taylor who is the director of the film. This happens on their way to Penn station. He sits at the back of that car and wonders about the repercussions of becoming a different individual. He draws the director into this conversation. I consider Dr. Cornel West interesting because his thoughts are extraordinary. According to Socrates, only examined life is worth living. In this regard, Dr. West examines his life in all perspectives of thought. He wonders what would happen if he questioned people’s unarticulated presumptions and tacit assumptions. This makes him quite interesting as well as baffling to ordinary people. In philosophy, this kind of thinking would be allowed. However, that would not be the case in normal lives. Our lives contain so many assumptions and presumptions that people rarely bother to inquire about them. Dr. West questions the need for an individual to interrogate his/her beliefs. Dr. West tends to draw most of his arguments from Plato as opposed to other philosophers like Russell, among others. He also says that philosophy is all about living life in the streets. He continues by stating that it involves living compassionately, courageously, and decently, among others. Dr. West gives people an opportunity to question their lives and to live philosophically through wisdom. He brings to focus issues like love, which are quite debatable in the country. He is intriguing in his thoughts about philosophy and life. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Peter Singer Peter Singer is both exciting and sensational. He is also emotional and logical in his sentiments. Moreover, he is moral, decent, and honest. I find him exciting because he cares for his environment. The movie brings this out in his thoughts about ethics of consumption, which occurs at fifth avenue boutique. Singer is an ethicist. He is filmed strolling along the avenue where he sees some of the world’s most affluent stores. This leads him to say that people have the moral responsibility of reducing harm or minimizing the amount of unnecessary pain in the world. In fact, he notes that people should not think that their responsibility is merely to avoid harm or stop harm. Instead, they should try to make life better for others. This is intriguing given that most people rarely care to go beyond what they consider as they boundaries. Moreover, some people go to an extent of causing harm as well as desisting from helping those offended. For instance, capitalism ensures that some people continue to become very rich while others remain very poor; however, rarely do those who are rich consider their poor counterparts who work hard to make them rich. In addition, some nations are actively polluting the environment with their industrial wastes while others try to minimize environmental pollution. Singer is friendly and sympathetic to those who suffer. This makes him cordial, loving, and caring. Peter singer rates best among these philosophers because he uses his philosophy to help those in need as well as care for the environment. Moreover, he encourages people to work towards minimizing unnecessary problems in the world. Singer is therefore exceptional. Judith Butler Judith butler is a feminist. She strolls through San Francisco with her friend. They pass by the town’s Mission District as they question peoples’ cultural fixation on individualism. Butler is a post-structural theorist. She is also a gender theorist. In the film, Judith and her friend talks about human solidarity and permeability. They also talk about gender and disability. Butler defends the disable and women’s right in her sentiments. She asks questions about what the body can do. In this regard, she tries to imagine that both males and female should have the right to do what their bodies are capable of doing and not what some people think they can do. She dwells so much in individualism and feminism as well as culture and gender. I am concerned with her emphasis on feminism because it touches on areas I consider irrelevant. For instance, if she says that people should shun individualism, meaning that they should embrace togetherness or societal ideals, then it is quite ironical that the very ideals clash with feminism. This may bring about conflict of interest. For instance, if everyone (female and male) were given equal rights, then from experience, women would find it difficult to match their male counterparts in some areas especially in technical or involving tasks. We will write a custom Essay on “Examined Life”, Cornel West – Summary and Analysis specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More This would lead to fewer females in those areas. This would also cause uproar over discrimination. On the other hand, when women are given a specific percentage of slots in any given field, it will not matter how they perform against their male counterparts; reasonably, they will still be involved. However, I also agree with her on the fact that that individualism should be monitored so as not to distort society.

Celebrity Influences Marketing research writing paper-02

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OL Marketing Assignment – Celebrity Influences
Consider the question: “do celebrity endorsements really make consumers want to buy products?” We will reflect on that in this paper.
Select a well known brand that is known for using celebrity endorsement, and research the history of celebrity endorsement the company that owns that brand engaged. Then research the history of financial and competitive success of the brand and company. Look for information about which celebrities seem to have led to improved sales or a better brand reputation.
Consider the basic ideas of marketing from the first chapters in our course text and from your professor’s slides for the week. Think about why companies use celebrity endorsements to attract customers – does this fit with the idea that marketing is essentially about creating value and delivering that value to customers in order to satisfy those customers’ needs? How important is celebrity endorsement to marketing strategy? Use evidence from the successful (or unsuccessful) example(s) of celebrities you found in your research for this assignment to answer these questions. Then ask yourself if you are influenced by celebrity endorsement (be honest with yourself). Think about whether people around you influenced by celebrity endorsement. Should we be influenced by celebrity endorsement?

➢ Compile your findings from the “Research” and “Reflection” parts into a 2- or 3-page report (double-spaced, 12-point font). Word count at least 650
➢ Use in-text citations to show your sources of ALL information, and be sure to include all full citations in APA format in a “References” section at the end of the paper.
➢ Split the content and length of your paper up such that about 1/3 is dedicated to presenting the information in your “Research” part, and about 2/3 is dedicated to the ideas in your “Reflection” part (it is understood that you are speculating here based on limited research – don’t go way overboard with your research… but do enough research to show you know what you are talking about, and share your ideas)
➢ Submit here (BeaconLearning) by the due date.

Celebrity Influences Marketing research writing paper-02

Primary Source Analysis

Primary Source Analysis.

At the end of the Civil War, Congress passed the 13th Amendment abolishing slavery. Many southern states adopted “black codes” to provide rules about newly freed blacks in the region. Please review the codes adopted in Virginia in 1865 (see resolutions.html (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.)Based on your analysis, please write an essay (up to two pages long) that uses citations to reference primary and secondary sources and addresses the following questions:In what ways did the Civil War and Reconstruction extend the rights of black people in the South? In what ways did it fail to address the rights of freed blacks?What do the codes say about the freedom and rights of southern black citizens?In what ways might the 13th Amendment have limited freedom for the ex-slaves? How do the Virginia “Black Codes” exploit this potential limit on black freedom?What is the relationship of the codes to the Tenth Amendment? Thirteenth Amendment?The Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution was ratified in 1868, but failed at that time to provide full rights to black citizens in the South. Why did the Amendment fail to provide southern blacks with a means to confront southern black codes and racial inequalities during the last half of the 19th Century?Please pose at least one discussion question about this source. What questions does this source raise for you with regard to race and equality after the Civil War? Responses will be graded according to the following criteria:Does the response address all the questions posed?Does the response demonstrate that the student has done a close and careful analysis?Does the response offer a thoughtful engagement with the document?Does the response demonstrate a concerted effort to think about the significance of the document and its relationship to course topics?Does the response make sense? Are the ideas within it clearly communicated?Is the response written in essay form, with a thesis, a set of paragraphs that each address a distinct argument in support of the thesis, and a conclusion?
Primary Source Analysis

UNT Transition to Adulthood Disability Food Security & SNAP Participation Discussion

UNT Transition to Adulthood Disability Food Security & SNAP Participation Discussion.

About the Experiential Learning- Alternative to the Food Insecurity Challenge :undefined1) Create a hypothetical family based on your own family, your roommates, or a similar situation. This hypothetical family must qualify for SNAP benefits (see step 4, below). Assign ages to all family members, family income (work, child support, etc…) and expenses (rent, medical expenses, transportation, utilities).undefined2) Make a 30-day menu of what you would like to eat for a month, including amounts. You will not have discretionary funds to eat out, purchase coffee at shops, or buy snacks from vending machines. Be sure to include everything you will need for all your meals for a month (3 meals per day X 30 days = 90 meals per person). Your family’s 30-day menu should conform to the SNAP recommended USDA MyPlate dietary guidelines (Please notice that highly processed junk food is not included):undefined Make a complete 30-day grocery-shopping list from your menu plan.undefined4) Research SNAP allocations for your “family”:undefined Or check the following link: undefinedundefined the instructions carefully. Note that it is easy to make mistakes, which may result in false allocation amounts for your “family.” If your allotment seems generous, it is wrong and you should recalculate.undefined5) Once you have determined how much the food stamp amount would be for your “family,” take your grocery list and “shop” for those items. You will actually have to leave your residence and go to a grocery store – Online shopping is not allowed. “Shop” for your family’s food for the month (do not actually buy anything, just walk up and down the aisles with a cart and write the costs beside each item on your list). You may make substitutions, change your menu, and revise your grocery list, but you must make sure that everyone in your household will eat something at least three times per day for one entire month. Do not fill a basket with food, then walk out, and leave it in an aisle (we do not want to be a burden on the supermarkets).undefined 6) Document your efforts in a 4-6 page paper (excluding the three required attachments). You should use a title, introductory and concluding paragraphs, headings and subheadings, and address ALL of the following points:undefined Very brief introduction. Do not use a heading for the introduction, but do use headings for the other items. Define Poverty Your thoughts about the purpose of this paper Describe your “family” composition How you found the amount of SNAP funds you would receive. Show the actual calculations. How you created your menus (using the Government nutritional guidelines) Describe the process of creating your grocery list. How long did it take? Was it easy or hard? Where you shopped and why? Did you have to change your original shopping list, or was it within your budget? What decisions did you make when adjusting your original grocery list? How the process of shopping and adjusting your list made you feel, reporting any stress, anxiety, frustration, satisfaction, confidence, etc. Your opinions of the food stamp allotments (adequate, inadequate, difficult, easy)? What changes should be made to the SNAP program? You must recommend at least two macro changes. Any understandings gained about living with a low income The implications of the SNAP program for social work practice – what have you learned that will help you as a social worker? What did you learn from this experience…provide at least three points Very brief conclusion undefinedAlso include three attachments:undefined The original grocery list (attachment) Your 30 day menu plan (attachment) The list of groceries you “purchased” (attachment)
UNT Transition to Adulthood Disability Food Security & SNAP Participation Discussion