1. A copy of the news article you selected (not a link to the article…an actual copy of the Essay

1. A copy of the news article you selected (not a link to the article…an actual copy of the article).

2. Provide the following information, as it pertains to each (3) article:

Article Headline: Provide the headline of the article.

Summary: Give a short summary of the article.

Website Address: Give the URL where the article can be found.

What news values does the articles have? Give a short explanation of how each value fits the article.

Headline: Evaluate the article’s headline. Is it good or bad? What can be improved? What was done well?

Lead: What type of lead does the article have. Give a thorough explanation of how your selection fits the definition.

Nut graph: Does the article have a nut graph/ If so, where is it located? You can highlight it in yellow or describe the location and beginning of the sentence that contains the nut graph.

Sources: Does the story contain information from two or more sources to elaborate upon the main idea?

Direct Quotes: Evaluate each direct quote given in the article. Do you think the quote was needed or should it have been paraphrased. Explain your answer for each quote.

Ending: Does the story end with a quote or additional information about a future action or comment on the main idea?

PLS CHOOSE AN IDEAL ARTICLE. ONE THAT IS NOT TOO LONG. BECAUSE YOU WILL NEED TO EVALUATE EACH DIRECT QUOTE! Don’t choose a long article so you don’t have to evaluate a lot of direct quotes. Whichever article you choose, you have to evaluate each and every direct quote.[supanova_question]

The Importance of performing with expressive touch controllers and their lack presence in electronic music festivals.

The Importance of performing with expressive touch controllers and their lack presence in electronic music festivals..

Description This Essay must contain a research based on two digital music instruments (Expressive touch controllers) known as Alphasphere by Nu desine and Seaboard by Roli. The main task is to find out what are the importances of having these instruments and why these two instruments are not used in live music venues for performing electronic music. The argument of the essay can be based on why most musicians prefer acoustic instrumentation over these new commercially released instruments for the reasons such as more expression and accuracy of the instruments its self. This can also be demonstrated by mentioning the affordances and constraints of the two instruments and why that can affect the musician’s choice of instrumentation. 

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Epidemiological factors

1. A copy of the news article you selected (not a link to the article…an actual copy of the Essay Epidemiological factors.

 Paper details https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/21665044.2016.1228326 Provide a summary of the article showing how the title reflects the disease outbreak over time. list and explain a minimum of four distinguishing features the disease outbreak

What epidemiological factors you suggest changing if you were the epidemiologist.

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Case Study/Report – Applied Intelligence

Case Study/Report – Applied Intelligence.

Background: ISIS appears to be/is losing its foothold in Iraq and Syria, with both Mosul and Tal Afar having fallen in recent weeks. However, their existence is reigniting active extremism and terror in South East Asia, specifically the Philippines. This city of Marawi in the southern Philippines has become particularly problematic in recent months. It is believed that Islamists from Mosul, Chechnya, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Afghanistan and various parts of Africa have descended to the region in large numbers. Additionally, at least 60 groups in Southeast Asia have sworn their allegiance to the ISIS caliphate. Given the history of extremist activity in the region, and the proximity to Australia we are concerned about what is occurring in the region and need to remain aware of the situation and its possible implications for Australia policy and operations.

TASK: What is the current situation in Marawi and the southern Philippines in relation to ISIS?

Provide an assessment on how the situation in the region is likely to evolve, or change, in the next three months and clearly state what the situation is most likely to be by the end of 2017.

In-text referencing and footnotes are required form of citation.

Bibliography needed rather than an end-text reference list.


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Tom’s Midnight Garden.

Tom’s Midnight Garden..

Go through the file ‘TMA’ to know what to do.  The first is ‘TMA’ which has the essay question. The second is ‘Tom’s Midnight Garden’ which is the novel. The third is ‘The three Articles’ which has three short articles regarding the main themes of the novel.

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