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​Of the following, the entropy of gaseous __________ is the largest at 25 °C and

​Of the following, the entropy of gaseous __________ is the largest at 25 °C and.

Of the following, the entropy of gaseous __________ is the largest at 25 °C and 1 atm. (how can you tell) thank youA) H2 B) C2H6 C) C2H2 D) CH4 E) C2H4 Answer: B
​Of the following, the entropy of gaseous __________ is the largest at 25 °C and

South Florida University Elementary Linear Algebra Exam.

NOTE – This is NOT BASIC Linear algebra please please make you know how to do it !looking for Expertt in this topics from chapter 4- 6 (Starting from chapter 4 – including chapter 6)Please check the provided book down below!FREE TEXT BOOK =>…Looking for a live help on December 8, starting from 12:15 pm – 2:30 pm U.S.A. eastern time you must be able to answer questions with no issue you must be 100 % sure you know how to do it and be 100 % sure that you can answer all questions from those chapters! This is 40 % of my grade!
South Florida University Elementary Linear Algebra Exam

PHIL 1301 The Parameters of Defining Holiness Essay.

In module two, you reviewed several arguments whose purpose is to prove God’s necessary and sufficient existence. Each of these arguments approaches the idea of God from the perspective of His containing all perfections, especially that of creator. This means that if any of these arguments turns out to be true it follows that the basis of scientific speculation about the creation of the universe and of life must be wrong.
In module one you learned about the scientific method, and especially the application of this method to thought experiments. That is through the application of reasoned and logical argumentation one may explore and expose the core assumptions of the assertions and belief statements central to the argument. Then by imaginatively testing the validity and truth of these assumptions, come to some conclusion about the reasonableness and possibility of truth pertaining to that argument.
For this assignment take any one of the arguments for God’s existence and in your own words summarize, (1) Its main points, (2) tell me what its strong points are, and (3) subject it to a thought experiment of your own design (that means, don’t copy from the book), to show whether the argument is reasonable or not according to what you learned in module one. Finally, if it is reasonable, talk a little about why it convinces you, and if you believe it does not, say why not (use just a few sentences here or at most a short summary type paragraph). Will give more information
PHIL 1301 The Parameters of Defining Holiness Essay

Anthem College Phoenix Consequences of Police Misconduct Memo.

In your newly accepted position as Police Chief, you not only have
to answer to the public but also to your department. Complete an
internal memo (between 500-750 words APA format,References and citations) to all officers, detectives, and
sergeants discussing how their choices can make or break their careers.
Discuss how Officer Sin’s misconduct impacts not only himself but the
department as a whole, and what specialized training and/or policies you
plan to implement to curb police misconduct in your department. Be sure
to include and support an ethical approach from your lesson on ethics.

Anthem College Phoenix Consequences of Police Misconduct Memo

Impact of Covid 19 in Peoples Life Discussion

Impact of Covid 19 in Peoples Life Discussion.

I’m working on a genetics discussion question and need support to help me understand better.

Our everyday life has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. It is disrupting not only how we go to work or school, but also is creating global and severe disruptions across the economy and health systems of the affected countries. Many reports are emphasizing the differences in susceptibility and severity among the humans that are exposed to SARS-CoV-2 virus [1].Given the broad differences in the susceptibility and severity in humans, do you think that the resistant phenotypes are due to a monogenic or polygenic inheritance? Which process(es) could account for the observable genetic variations? Can you provide example(s) of other traits in humans that share similar inheritance?1. The COVID-19 Host Genetics Initiative, a global initiative to elucidate the role of host genetic factors in susceptibility and severity of the SARS-CoV-2 virus pandemic. Eur J Hum Genet (2020).
Impact of Covid 19 in Peoples Life Discussion

College Education: The Worthwhile Choice?

i need help writing an essay Recently, there has been a large debate on whether or not receiving a college degree is a worthwhile decision. Over 13.3 million American youth attend college each year (NCIS), however, 70% of them will borrow money to finance their degree. (University of Michigan) Also, the average person will pay off their student loans 10 years after borrowing money. (University of Michigan) On the other hand, college graduates tend to be more successful, earn more money, and have a healthier lifestyle. Although receiving a college degree can be a financial strain, college educations are more beneficial than high school educations because of their overall economic and personal benefits. Originally, colleges were invented to train ministers in the early 1700s. Harvard University originally charged 5 cents per year. Today however, colleges have become a large part of society and college degrees are often considered a necessity for job seekers. High schools strongly encourage students to attend college and many jobs require a college degree. A majority of a high school student’s life is dedicated to building up their college resume and preparing for college. With the increasing desirability of a college degree, the cost has risen astronomically, making it very difficult for people to attend it and remain financially stable. Acknowledging this problem, Berkeley University is one of the few colleges in America that offers free tuition for in-state students, partly because of their excess private funding. Colleges have often been accused of taking advantage of their students financial situation and profiting off the desirability of a college degree, however receiving a college degree is still very useful and important. One reason many American youth are debating whether or not to get a college education is the overwhelming cost of colleges today. In the last 10 years, tuition, fees, and housing costs at four year institutions have risen 67% and 43% at nonprofit universities. (University of Michigan) Student debt-to-income ratios have also gone from 12% in 1989 to 32% in 2010; meaning that some students acquire more student debt than their future job will be able to support. The average debt is $28,950 for 4 year college students (University of Michigan) while the average salary for a college graduate is $50,000 a year. Despite the risks of initial financial problems due to student loans, a college degree is worthwhile in the long run. One example of how a college degree is more beneficial to a person’s life than not is that statistically, college graduates tend to be healthier. “College educated people maintain a healthier lifestyle, are less likely to be disabled, are less likely to suffer from chronic diseases and have lower rates of mortality,” (Bauldry 2) Furthermore, college graduates tend to be more stable and can make better decisions about their lives, based off of skills they have acquired from their education. Moreover, college graduates on average earn more money, allowing them access to better health benefits. For example, with higher income one can more easily afford healthcare, mental health help, a more expensive and healthier diet, and specialty medicine. A college graduate is more likely to lead a longer and healthier life, benefiting the person and society. In addition to being healthier overall, college graduates earn more money than high school graduates and are more financially stable. College graduates earn a minimum of $400 a week more than high school graduates at the same job. (Karageorge 1) Moreover, high school graduates on average earn $1.2 million over the course of their lifetime while college graduates on average earn $2.1 million in their lifetimes. (New York Times) Recently wages of those without a degree have been falling while college graduate wages are at an alltime high. (New York Times) College graduates are also more likely to have better job opportunities, which allows them to have better working conditions and chances to advance their career. Although the burden of student debt seems overwhelming to many people, the financial benefits of a college degree outweigh the disadvantages. The final reason that a college degree is a worthwhile decision is it’s social benefits. Students who go to college are likely to have new experiences, meet new people, and learn how to live on their own in a safe environment. Students create memories and friendships in college that they will keep forever. Furthermore, students can have new experiences; from taking a class in an unfamiliar subject to joining a fraternity/ sorority. Moreover, college is a great way for a student to live on their own without being completely isolated and to experience what their life will be like without living with their parents. Finally, students have a higher chance to have plans after graduation that will benefit their career if they attend college. Most colleges have programs to aid students with jobs, internships, and fellowships for after they graduate, which helps the students advance their career. Despite its disadvantages, a college degree is an extremely worthwhile decision. It increases chances of success in life financially, socially and physically for a person. A college graduate is more likely to earn more money and have a better job, not only benefiting themselves but the economy as well. They are also more likely to lead a healthier lifestyle and to live longer, benefiting themselves and society by contributing to it for a longer amount of time and more productively. Finally, a college graduate is more likely to have connections with people and know how to behave in social situations, due to exposure to them in college. The benefits of a college degree clearly outweigh the disadvantages. Every student should push their education as far as possible, and attempt to receive a college degree, not only to benefit themselves, but to benefit the rest of society. As Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world,” Works Cited Bauldry, Shawn. “Conditional Health-Related Benefits of Higher Education: An Assessment of Compensatory versus Accumulative Mechanisms.” EBSCO HOST, June 2014,

University of South Florida C Language Paper

University of South Florida C Language Paper.

Imagine that we are writing a Matrix class that stores a 2D array. Our class has 3 data members: double* arr (a “flattened” array storing all of the elements in the matrix), unsigned int nrows (number of rows), and unsigned int ncols (number of columns).Implement a print function for Matrix objects that works with cout. E.g.,Matrix M(…);cout << M << endl;//ostream& operator<<(ostream& out, const Matrix& M) { … }Your print function should separate elements on the same row with spaces, and each row should end with a newline. For example, if we printed a 3×3 identity matrix (1 in (1, 1), (2, 2), (3, 3) and 0 everywhere else), it should print as:1 0 00 1 00 0 1You may print an extra space at the end of each row if it makes your code simpler. You can assume that your function has access to the private data members of Matrix, and it should not call any Matrix member functions
University of South Florida C Language Paper

Benedictine University Brazil Exporting Conditions Essay

Benedictine University Brazil Exporting Conditions Essay.

If Brazil is so focused on being the number one exporter, why not give more to the people who do the harder work in the rougher conditions?First, research the topic and use a minimum of 15 secondary sources in order to track the topicWhat do I know? Now that you have spent significant time in research and reading and thinking about the subject, you can now write what you know about the topic based on your research. One note here, write this section of the paper based on the evidence- not based on some previously determined conclusion. Let the evidence tell the story!! Write no less than 2500 and no more than 3000 words.
Benedictine University Brazil Exporting Conditions Essay