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​Monsters in America Project ( only Chapter 6), English homework help

​Monsters in America Project ( only Chapter 6), English homework help.

Monsters in America Project ( only Chapter 6)As W. Scott Poole’s text will serve as the conceptual framework for the course, this assignment seeks to promote regular critical engagement with the text.Part 1: Chapter by Chapter Engagement. For each chapter of the text, students will maintain comprehensive, written dossiers separated into three components as follows.Component 1: Annotated Reflections. (1.5-2 pages) Students will compose written reflections on the material covered, using annotation as a strategy to highlight their perspective and response to the readings. Keeping the principles outlined in Adler’s “How to Mark a Book” in mind while reading, students should seek to identify moments/passages in the text that were illuminating, confusing, instructive, dubious, biased, fascinating, problematic, and so forth.The written reflection itself should be both specific and representative of the whole range of the required reading, and not simply be from the first few pages of the reading. This piece is a reflection of how the reader interacts with the text; there is no right or wrong, only different levels of academic curiosity and critical thought.The reflection should include a series of insightful, well-developed entries of select annotations the student has made. Each entry should begin by citing the first few words of the relevant phrase or passage, followed by the page number. The remainder of the entry should examine the significance of the passage. Entries can clarify a reference and explain its significance, explore something that is unclear, or explain why something resonates with the reader, etc. (There is a reason that you made the annotation, and each individual will annotate something different.)Reflections will be submitted according to the due dates outlined in the weekly schedule. Those students scheduled to present for a given chapter are not required to submit a reflection (see Monsters in America Presentations assignment). An individual grade is not assigned to each reflection; however, reflections will be graded collectively upon the completion of the project. Failure to submit a reflection will result in a 10 point reduction from the overall project grade.Component 2: Summary. (1 page) Students will compose a summary of the chapter, highlighting the key elements of Poole’s text. These summaries should not exceed one page in length.Component 3: Vocabulary. Students will maintain a list of unfamiliar words they come across in the chapter. The list should also include the page on which the word was found. Once completing the chapter, students will define these words using a college dictionary and observing the definition appropriate for the word’s usage in context.Part 2: Comprehensive Reflection. The comprehensive reflection will be a culminating work composed at the end of the semester. Prior to the class, students will have their chapter reflections returned to them for review. The comprehensive reflection will call upon students, using their chapter reflections as their only reference, to treat Monsters in America in its entirety, focusing on their overall impressions of the work as well as anything learned from the text with long ranging applicability beyond the context of the course.The comprehensive reflection will be graded in conjunction with the previously submitted chapter reflections to determine the final grade for the project———————————-please read the instruction carefully!
​Monsters in America Project ( only Chapter 6), English homework help

nursing modules , health and medicine homework help.

The modules do not need any
introduction. The references should be latest  DO NOT REFERENCES THAT ARE
MORE THAN 9 YEARS OLD! gramma should be very good and APA STRUCTURE!
Module 1
Module one looked at the specific rights and responsibilities of the
registered nurse in a peri-operative care unit, including from the
perspective of keeping the registered nurse and her/his patients/clients
physically and emotionally safe. It also raised the issue of legal
responsibilities and identified issues specific to perioperative care
write a 350-word paragraph on an issue of safety or of legal
responsibility that you explored in some depth as a registered nurse,
ensuring it is specifically related to peri-operative care unit.
Module 2
Module two looks specifically at the rights of clients and in more depth
the rights of their carers in the process of treatment and recovery. It
raises some questions about how the nursing profession views and deals
with the rights of the carers and their need for information,
particularly in the context of patients/clients who may lack insight
into their care needs.
For your assessment:
Write a paragraph of 400 words on your understanding of the dilemma of
providing information to carers while considering the confidentiality
concerns relating to the patient/client as a registered nurse. Don’t
forget to consider the ethical implications in your consideration of the
Module 3
Module three gave you the opportunity to explore how the various people
we interact with in the health care environment make meaning of their
illness and of their situation. It has also given you the opportunity to
reflect on how you relate to that and to make meaning of your own
For your assessment:
Review and refine your reflection from the activity as for this module to a 350 word paragraph. Reminder “As a registered nurse”Please provide 5 or more references for each of the modules
nursing modules , health and medicine homework help

Peace. Paper details The requirement is 6-8 double space pages with a minimum of 6 scholarly sources (no blogs or Wikipedia is allowed). MLA style is preferred, though you can use APA as well. My topic I must write about is below: “It has been argued that the war on terrorism is a “shadow war” that is fought covertly and beyond the attention of the public. It “employs unconventional tactics and uses resources that were hitherto either uncommon or unacceptable. This unconventional tactic is known as “extraordinary renditions.” Assess this controversial tactic, taking into consideration how to reconcile between security and civil liberties?”Peace

Alcohol screening

Alcohol screening. Paper details Compose a 750-1000 word paper detailing the individual experience of administering 2 alcohol screening tools. The student will conduct a mock interview with a friend or family member using two of the following tools: Alcohol Use Disorder Identification Test, T-ACE, and/or Michigan Alcohol Screening Test. Students will briefly describe the tools and describe their experience administering each tool including both the strengths, weaknesses, challenges with administering the tool, and suggestions to improve the tools.Alcohol screening

Western Governors University Discovery Game Epidemiological Investigation Review

essay writing service free Western Governors University Discovery Game Epidemiological Investigation Review.

Go to the website using this link: Outbreak at WatersedgeClick the Play button to start the game.Follow the instructions. They will lead you on a search for an infected organism.Once you have found the infected organism, write a three- to four-page review of the process you went through and the results you obtained. You must identify the disease found and define the epidemiological process you used. Make sure to describe how you used it. This paper must be written in APA format, typed in Times New Roman with 12-point font, and double-spaced with 1” margins. Use at least two references that support your findings.Due: Sunday, 11:59 p.m. (Pacific time)Points Possible: 75This game was developed by the Midwest Center for Life-Long-Learning in Public Health (MCLPH) funded in part by a grant from the Health Resources and Services Administration, DHHS, Public Health Training Center Program. MCLPH is part of the Centers for Public Health Education and Outreach at the University of Minnesota School of Public Health
Western Governors University Discovery Game Epidemiological Investigation Review

Using a Storybook to Involve Families/EDU647 Ashford Univ EDucation

Using a Storybook to Involve Families/EDU647 Ashford Univ EDucation.

Review the Harvard Family Research Project Storybook Corner.  Read the overview regarding the Family Involvement Network Project and the Family Involvement Storybook Project. Read Tomasito’s Mother Comes To School and the accompanying activities. Choose a book from Harvard Family Research Project: Family Involvement Storybook Selections or from Reading is Fundamental: Multicultural Booklist to create a lesson to engage children and their families. Include a summary of the text itself, why you chose the book and what you hope to accomplish by using it with your students and their families.Create a family letter about your chosen story book and inviting families to attend school to take part in group activities related to the book. Create at least five (5) discussion questions to use with your students and their families. Create two (2) different activities that can be completed by families and their children in the classroom. Create one (1) activity that can be completed by the family at home. Create an evaluation form to solicit feedback from parents and students to assess the value of this program.
Using a Storybook to Involve Families/EDU647 Ashford Univ EDucation

critical thinking and problems

critical thinking and problems.

Part 1Details: Complete problems 9.11, 9.13, and 9.15 in the textbook.Submit one Excel file. Put each problem result on a separate sheet in your file.Part 2Complete
Problems 10.25, 10.29, E.3, E.5, and E.6 in the textbook.Submit one Excel file. Put each
problem result on a separate sheet in your file. Part 3 Complete the “Evaluate Team Member
Effectiveness” self-assessment.Write a 1,050-word paper in which you address the
Do you agree with your results?
Based on your self-assessment,
what do you see as your strengths and weaknesses regarding working on a
Have you ever engaged in social
loafing while on a team? Why or why not?
How does working effectively on
a team give you an advantage in the workplace?
How do groups normally develop?
How does the effectiveness of
the team members influence the group’s development process?
Part 4Critical thinking is an
important part of problem solving, decision making, and everyday life.
So, what is critical thinking and why is it so important? Assignment StepsPrepare a 700-word memo to yourself on critical thinking
including the following:
Explain critical thinking.
Provide an example from your
personal experience of critical thinking applied to a business decision.
Discuss the importance and
benefits of using critical thinking.
Relate the importance and
benefits of critical thinking to the example provided.
Discuss ways you might use
critical thinking in your current job or chosen career path.

critical thinking and problems

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