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​Interview people in leadership positions and ask them the lessons they learned from experience.

​Interview people in leadership positions and ask them the lessons they learned from experience..

Interview people in leadership positions and ask them the lessons they learned from experience. We will discuss this in class.Here are a list of questions you could ask (not limited to)What is leadership?Who is a good leader to you?What traits are needed as a good leader?Are there one or two experiences you look back on as having been especially valuable in helping develop your own leadership? Please describe briefly.What you do as a leader?What does your daily routine look like? Where you spend your time at work?Is there any advice you would give people early in their careers?
​Interview people in leadership positions and ask them the lessons they learned from experience.

John Tyler Community College Florida Department of Corrections Discussion.

Use your state’s Department of Corrections website to research the roles of correctional staff within the correctional organization.Write a 3-to 5-page paper in which you:Discuss the correctional facility staff hierarchy of a correctional facility and the four main goals of correctional staff members. Distinguish between the four main goals and discuss the importance of each.Rank the five types of power available to correctional staff in order of effectiveness in managing inmate behavior (one [1] being the most effective, five [5] being the least effective). Provide a rationale for your ranking.Identify and analyze the factors that have contributed to correctional officer corruption within correctional facilities. Provide an example of a correctional officer engaged in corruption from within the last three years to support your response.Examine the underlying factors and symptoms of stress for correctional officers and analyze the methods that correctional officers use to deal with stress and the effectiveness of these methods. Provide a rationale for your response.Use at least three quality references.Include page numbers.… Use 1-inch margins.… Use numerals (1, 2, 3, and so on) or spell out numbers (one, two, three, and so on).… Double space body text in the assignment.… Use consistent 12-point font.… Use section headings to divide separate content areas. Center the section headings on thepage, be consistent, and include at least two section headings in the assignment.
John Tyler Community College Florida Department of Corrections Discussion

Ashford University Coronavirus Pandemic Impact on Daily Businesses Journal.

These journals are opportunities to reflect on your own leadership skills and knowledge, as well as to identify opportunities for development. Because of the personal nature of journals, these are not going to be viewable by your classmates. Like most journals, this journal is your opportunity to be honest with yourself and immediately apply course learning. As you will find in your reflections, hindsight may provide an opportunity to reflect and learn but it is not always 20/20. Prior to completing this journal read Chapters 1 and 2 in Bush (2011).Instructions: Complete the following:First, recall a professional event/situation/crisis that you personally handled in the past year. If you did not work in the past year, consider using an event that may be similar to one that you might encounter in the workplace. Because this is a personal situation, it is important to recall the event without emotion. One way to be objective is to share the “what” of the event, rather than the why. Consider providing the details as they would appear through a recording device.Next, complete the following regarding this event:Objectively summarize the situation.Categorize the event as tame, wicked, or critical (typology).Explain the issue’s typology.Critique your handling of this event.Explain why you were or were not prepared for this event.Using the leadership theories and management models from your readings, find a relevant explanation of how you handled (or should have handled) the event.Your journal entry should be at least 350 words (one page) in length.
Ashford University Coronavirus Pandemic Impact on Daily Businesses Journal

The Corporate plays a vital role in economic development of the country and these corporate involves in various activities for their sustainability in the business environment. In this globalization era business organizations finds the greatest challenge in managing the stakeholder’s demands, which results in complex in the competitive market. So, here the corporate takes up social responsibility as a commitment and engage themselves in the society development. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a commitment by the business organizations in improving the society through their business activities and its contribution in community development. CSR is an effective tool which needs to be implemented in the organizations for their sustainable growth and development of societal objectives. This report addresses the socially responsible business of two multinational organizations – high income and emerging economies group. Here, Royal Dutch Shell is chosen in high-income and Tata Steel in emerging economies group of multinational organizations. Royal Dutch Petroleum Company in Dutch, which involves in production of oil and “Shell” Transport and Trading Company in British, which involves in transportation of oil, merged their operations in 1907 and later it is named as Royal Dutch Shell. Shell is a multinational petroleum company and its headquarters locates in The Hague, Netherlands. Their business involves in production and marketing of petroleum and natural gas. They operate in more than one hundred countries with 45,000 service stations worldwide. They produce 2% of world’s oil and 3% of world’s gas. Shell is world’s largest corporation and its ranks one by Fortune 500 in 2009 (Shell, 2009). TATA Group, the largest multinational group founded in 1868 and based in Mumbai, India. Initially the trading company was established by Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata involving in Opium business. Later, the group expanded by JRD Tata by establishment of Tata Steel, Tata chemicals, Tata Motors, Tata Industries etc. According to 2009 annual survey by Reputation Institute, Tata Group is ranked has 11th most reputable group in the global (Tata, 2009). Tata Steel pervious known as Tata Iron and Steel Company Limited (TISCO) founded in 1907. Tata steel one among top ten steel producers in the world. With their recent acquisition of Corus, Millennium steel and NatSteel, Tata steel has established its business network across the global like South East Asia, Europe and Pacific-Rim. Tata Steel has net sales revenue of USD 33 billion with employee strength of 82700 by year 2008 (Tata Steel, 2009). This report firstly briefs on companies commitments on society from stakeholder’s viewpoint with a stakeholder saliency model to identify them. Secondly on company’s approach and initiatives towards social responsibilities and finally those approaches and initiatives by companies are analyzed and compared on different viewpoints. Stakeholder Identification Stakeholders are a person, group, or organization who is directly or indirectly involves in an organization’s actions, policies, and behavior. Shareholders, customers, creditors, government, suppliers, employees, directors, owners, and society are the key stakeholders in a business organization. All stakeholders are not equally same; each stakeholder is entitled to different concerns. In order to analyze an organization’s social engagement from stakeholder’s perspective, it is necessary to identity the applicable stakeholder group. Several approaches and attempts are made to identify different stakeholders relevant for a company. Later Mitchell, Agle, and Wood made up with definition in identifying the stakeholder group by developing Stakeholder Salience Model, which propose the vital of stakeholder group based on its salience. They argued that the stakeholder who has high degree of salience will play the vital role in controlling the corporate behavior. They argued stakeholder salience model identifies the stakeholder group by three attributes, namely Power, Legitimacy and Urgency (1997). This concept of three attributes is used to categories seven stakeholders and one non-stakeholder. 1. Dormant 2. Discretionary 3. Demanding 4. Dominant 5. Dangerous 6. Dependent 7. Definitive 8. Non-Stakeholder With this Stakeholder Salience Model the different types of stakeholders are identified and measure their corporate social responsibility activities of two multinational organizations (Royal Dutch Shell and Tata Group). Here, we briefly consider what organizations activities in social responsibility and the changes made to accommodate these CSR initiatives. The following fig1.2 describes on different stakeholder of shell according to stakeholder salience model. Shell associate with general business principle, as business principle shell contributes to sustainable development. Their business principle is to protect the shareholders investment and give them the long-term returns compared with others leading firms in the industry. So, shareholders are identified as definitive stakeholder of shell. Here, dormant stakeholders are the host government, as shell establishment in a country with support of government. For example Shell in Nigeria worked closely with government to help realize the Nigeria’s energy potential and support for society development. With help of Nigerian government shell expanded their business and energy sector in Nigeria. Non-Government organizations are found to be dangerous stakeholder, who has the power and urgency. Shell had a negative impact in 1995 after it’s announced to sink the Brent Spar in the Atlantic Ocean, NGO’s like Greenpeace and media started campaign against shell with support of local people and government for environmental disputes. These initiatives by Greenpeace made many people in Europe countries to boycott shell products and they were successful in influence. Employees are identified as discretionary stakeholder of the organization by encourages them in social performance. Institutions are dependent stakeholder, shell as a leading corporation in the global involves in decision making policies of institution which impacts on society. Local communities are found to be demanding stakeholder, where they need urgency in the environmental issues. For example shell operates in Schoonebeek has stopped their operation in 1996, where it not made any economic sense in extraction of oil, the plant was closed consulting with local community and framework with new project in 2003 after the approval of local communities. Tata Steel’s Stakeholder Saliency Model The above Fig1.3 shows the stakeholder salience model of Tata steel, which is used to identify the different stakeholders of Tata Steel. Shareholders are the distinctive stakeholders who actively take part in all important meeting on social investments and business ethics. They have the power in decision making on corporate governance which will benefit both the company and society. Employees are identified as discretionary stakeholders; where the employee are encourage to take part in community initiatives through employee involvement planning and volunteering programme like disaster relief. Government is found has dominant stakeholder, who has power and legitimate. Tata steel had joined hands with government by taking part in collaborative initiatives on public policy development. They work together on environmental impacts. Local community are identified has demanding stakeholders, where Tata steel had taken number measures on social responsibility. They are mainly focused on sustainable livelihood, health, education, empowering youth and environment. Even feedback on business performance and impacts are taken from local communities. So, the company can come with new initiatives and development for community. Stakeholder differences between Shell and Tata Steel According to Stakeholder Salience Model, the stakeholder groups are classified into three categories namely Latent Stakeholders or Low salient classes (dormant, discretionary

Spatial Ability Studies on Men and Women Term Paper

Table of Contents Introduction Research Methodology Literature Review Conclusion Reference List Introduction Gathering hypothesis is an evolutionary term that gives details on how people have changed gradually over generations. Tools in earlier times were primarily used for digging and harvesting crops and not for hunting. Later, people acquired complex tools, which they used to hunt, remove skin, and cut things. According to Mcburney et al. (1997), one of sources of proof in support of the gathering hypothesis is the good spatial memory of women. The scholars argue that women do better in jobs that are associated with recalling unlike their male counterparts who do better in rotation jobs. The theory of gathering and hunting on sex differences states that women’s knowledge and capability to understand things has gradually changed to suit gathering while men’s capability has evolved to suit hunting (Ecuyer-Dab

Miramar International College The Epidaurus Ancient Theater Discussion

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You will choose one topic from the list below and write a three to five paragraph summary. You will need to do some research. Add a photo if you would like. These are all pretty interesting so find something that interests you. If you are quoting from some source somewhere, make sure to include a “Sources Cited” page or something to that effect. Also, I want you to do it as a PDF file not word dovuments please 1. What was the City Dionysia?2. What is a satyr play?3. Why did so few scripts of Greek tragedies survive?4. Summarize a play from Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides, Aristophanes, or Menander.5. What is catharsis?6. Are The Poetics still valid as a means to analyze a play or film? Explain your answer.7. What is significant about the theatre at Epidaurus? How does it achieve this phenomenon?8. What does the phrase “Deus ex machina” mean when applied to storytelling, in general?9. How many Roman “Ludi” were there and what did some of them they celebrate?10. How is it that Colosseum survived while the Circus Maximus did not?11. Summarize The Menaechmi and tell me of another adaptation of that plays’ plot.12. Why was Constantine’s adoption of Christianity so important to the history of Rome?13. What are the Roman Catholic Sacraments? Why was the denial of these sacraments such a powerful deterrent during the Roman Empire?14. What was the Council of Carthage?
Miramar International College The Epidaurus Ancient Theater Discussion

Operations Management of Logistics Company

Operations Management of Logistics Company. Table of Contents Introduction Functional Strategy Importance Specific Importance Functional Strategic Plan Operations Strategy Introduction Inventory Management – Functional Strategy Cardinal Logistics – Inventory Management Goals Objectives Strategies Product Categorization ABC Analysis Benefits of ABC Analysis Cycle Counting Evaluation and Control measures Timeline of Control Measures of the Strategy Measure of evaluation for continuous improvement Implementation challenges Firms resistance to change Insufficient support for Project Management from Sponsor Management’s insufficient attention Insufficient trust in employees for implementing strategy Communication Weak or insufficient strategy Future career for Usefulness Career Strategic Planner Management Consultant Business Developer Competitive Intelligent Analyst Strategic Cost Analyst Conclusion and Summary References Introduction Operations Management is chosen for the operational function for this report. Operations Management is the process of creating value in terms of services and goods via a given set of production units in a company by creating outputs from inputs. There are 3 main functions are carried out here: Finance Operations Marketing Operations is one of the major things and there are many functions under it. The important function under operations is Inventory, which occupy a hefty 50 % of the invested capital and also the most valuable asset of the firm (Heizer, Render,Operations Management of Logistics Company

CS 351T Tafawa Balewa University Furniture Shopping System Proposal Worksheet

CS 351T Tafawa Balewa University Furniture Shopping System Proposal Worksheet.

for the system that explained on the document attached identify the following :1-Users:
A description of the primary and secondary users for the system and their characteristics.
Who are they? What do they use the system to do? If you can’t divide the users into
subgroups, then you should explain why not.
2. Tasks:A task analysis that explains what people currently do with the system (or how theysolve the problem without a “system”). The list of tasks should be as complete as
possible. 3. Requirement:
A systematic specification of the system’s user interface requirements that your new
design will address.
Your description of UI requirement does not have to cover every detail, but you need to
show that you understand what users need the system to do for them and what is currently
missing or wrong that your design will correct.

The requirements must be described in a systematic manner, with the requirements

Most requirements should be in the form “User will be able to ..” or “The system will

In general, it should be clear that it is possible to evaluate whether your design fulfills
each requirement, though some requirements may not be evaluable with a paper
CS 351T Tafawa Balewa University Furniture Shopping System Proposal Worksheet