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​A 5.0-kg block and a 4.0-kg block are connected vertically by a 0.6-kg rod.

​A 5.0-kg block and a 4.0-kg block are connected vertically by a 0.6-kg rod..

17.…A 5.0-kg block and a 4.0-kg block are connected vertically by a 0.6-kg rod. In the diagram, the links between the blocks and the rod are denoted by the letters A and B. A force F  is applied to lift the upper block. The blocks and rod assembly move upward at constant velocity.What is the magnitude of the force in link A?  a. 39 N b. 47 N c. 41 N d. 45 N e. 43 N
​A 5.0-kg block and a 4.0-kg block are connected vertically by a 0.6-kg rod.

Healing Traditions from a Jewish and Messianic Perspective Research Paper

Introduction The issue of healing has been discussed broadly throughout human history, with different societies taking varying positions. As a result, the issue remains debatable, regarding how people perceive healing and how these views influence their healing options. It is believed that whether traditional or modern, every person has to undergo a healing process, mostly from bodily sickness in life (Muse

University of North Carolina Greensboro Management Skills Discussion

essay writing help University of North Carolina Greensboro Management Skills Discussion.

Tell your teammate (200 words)1) What parts of the write up did you find most informative? What did you learn about him/her ?2) How are the two of you most similar and most different ? Support with DATA from your assessments compared to your teammate. 3) Provide your teammate with one or two insights they may have missed. ElizabethOne key area of strength revealed that I have a high internal locus of control. This represents my attitude knowing that I believe I control my own success and failures. It means I would be successful in management. Internals are effective in leading groups compared to externals. The assessment shows internals will do better in stressful situations. The mean on the comparison data proves I have a very high internal locus of control towards my orientation in change. These are all strengths I believe to hold. I am extremely engaged in managing my own career. I am very involved and feel prideful about it. On the emotional intelligence assessment I scored very high. It demonstrates that I have a great ability to understand and manage emotional cues. I have from a young age learned how to control my emotions. I used to be a person with a bad temper that would snap at any little thing. I learned to control those emotions and learn coping techniques that worked for outbursts I felt coming about. I came to understand that you have the power and whatever you give that power to by overreacting then that will control you because you allow it. The learning style represents that I am detailed and focused on credibility of data. I am precise in my decision and look for accuracy no matter the size of difference. I can’t just let a small difference go, it has to be exact or I feel I have failed. An area that needs attention or development is the low external locus of control. I don’t believe that the outside world controls my destiny, but in certain cases the external world could sway specific decisions. If I had a better balance I would be more functional. The text shows I would be less likely to follow the leader’s instructions and I would not process feedback in a correct manner. This leads to me needing to develop more creativity, which I lack drastically. Although, one of my strengths is to make accurate decisions, the downfall to that is it takes me longer to make a decision. The PAMS assessment revealed to me that I am in a normal development of management skills, which represents to me that I can improve much here. I need to develop a plan to help me expand and grow my skills.These results of these assessments are explained by my MBI type by showing my determined attitude makes me willing to know I can grow my management skills. It also represents my need of development in aspects of being able to accept failures. I hold my performance in my career very high, sometimes setting goals too high. I do see a contradiction in that my MBI said I am a natural leader, but would follow if I trust them. However, according to my low external locus of control says otherwise. My MBI is majority on point and coincides with my attitude from the assessments taken. The biggest similarity to me was how I value my performance which I believe leads me to be a strategic planner. These strengths are in line with my high score on internal locus of control.
University of North Carolina Greensboro Management Skills Discussion

Descartes and Our Existence Essay

Rene Descartes was driven in the adventure of philosophy meditation and other philosophy related works such as the popularly known literary scriptures in the bible. The holy bible equipped his mind with several facts that would soon lead him to propose the first postulates pertaining to meditation of the first philosophy. He was encouraged to possess a thought that all that is visible or audible are perceptible in any other manner that is brought into existence through us (Descartes, 1996). The third chapter of the Wisdom of Solomon and the first chapter of the book of Romans were Descartes specific sources of inspiration. Romans one says, “that which may be known of God manifests is manifest in them.” It is also claimed that “where it is said how they are not to be excused for if their understanding was so great that they could discern the world and the creatures, why did they not find the Lord thereof?” These two scriptures led Rene Descartes into proposing the very first arguments of meditation in philosophy (Descartes, 1996). In his first meditation method, named meditation one, Rene Descartes tries to disapprove his earlier thoughts pertaining the human being and nature at large. He claims that, there is no clear standard and unanimously agreed distinction between right and wrong, good and bad, true and false and so on. The state of something being either originates from within us. Rene further argues that we are able to argue in favor or against a logical state depending on whether or not we can see concrete reason in favor or otherwise. This means that, logic is not as fixed as we thought and whatever we see, hear or feel is brought into existence by our own thought. We can decide to make ourselves naked, dressed, poor or rich by simply bringing them into existence. Meditation two tries to outline the effects of meditation one. It claims that after having learnt of our earliest perceptions as false and that we have the power to manipulate logic by making the truth or false out of anything the way we want. There is a tendency of us trying to play wise that we can not be cheated and in the process disqualifying everything and negating the existence of everything else as well (Descartes, 1996). Does anything exist at all then? We then find ourselves in the middle of not knowing anything about the universe and curiously asking ourselves if at all there is a supernatural being that can help us understand whatever exists. This is another problem, since we have to create the supernatural being that we are so much in need of creating. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More What then are we? This is one question that meditation two tries to answer. It is certainly a big challenge to meditation one, since if anything in existence is purely our imagination then this could mean that we bring each other into existence and hence we do not exist in reality. The mind is therefore described as the most real part of us and could be the part of us that is in actual existence. Thus, thought becomes the act of bringing things and activities into physical existence as defined by Rene Descartes’s arguments in the meditation of first philosophy (Descartes, 1996). Work Cited Descartes, Rene. Meditations on First Philosophy: With Selections from the Objections and Replies. Ed. Cottingham, John. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1996.

Organisation Conflict Resolution Essay

Organisation Conflict Resolution Essay. The organisational conflict is the opposition of goals and interests within the organisation or between organisations. This opposition can lead to developing new creative ideas to resolve the conflicting situation and to creating the negative atmosphere at the workplace which prevents the conflicting parties from achieving the concrete organisational goal (NelsonOrganisation Conflict Resolution Essay